Various landscapes of the coast and good wind conditions of Sevastopol will be appreciated even by experienced yachtsmen. It is the sea route that allows you to visit places in Sevastopol that are not accessible on foot. When traveling on a yacht, you should take care of the map of anchorages and marinas in advance to plan your route in the permitted water area.

The most popular sea trips are trips in Sevastopol are the Southern and Artillery bays. Here you can see the ancient coastal fortifications of the 19th century, Russian warships and other vessels standing at the docks, get acquainted with the history of Sevastopol.

Also very interesting and picturesque are the bays and capes of the Sevastopol coast, located a little further from the center — the bays of Karantinnaya, Kamyshovaya and Kazachya, the capes of Chersonesos and Fiolent.

You should definitely take a boat trip from Balaklava Bay to Cape Aya with a stop in the lost world tract. It is surrounded by inaccessible rocks. You can only get there from the sea. And swimming in wild bays will leave an unforgettable memory. And the legendary Balaklava Bay itself is unusual and attractive.

In summer, the prevailing winds are North-West and North-East, which creates comfortable conditions for yachting. Welcome to the lost world of Sevastopol bays and capes.

Location : Sevastopol

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