The paper mill was founded by the brothers artisans Mukhtarov. Thanks to them, the factory revived and established the production of paper in an ancient way – a technology used long before the advent of paper machines. The main feature of this technology is manual labor, which uses exclusively natural raw materials. For this reason, the paper turns out to be slightly yellowish in color, because it is not bleached by chemical means. The strength of the paper differs significantly from modern bleached paper. Compare: an ordinary sheet can be stored for 40 years, and Samarkand paper is ten times longer – 400 years. In order to see firsthand the process of making Samarkand paper, excursions are organized to the factory. Here you can walk around the picturesque territory, see the charkhpalak water wheel, sit in a traditional teahouse by the river. Any guest is welcome here, so they will definitely offer to try Samarkand pilaf and local fruits.

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