The Museum of the Black Sea Fleet is a history museum of our heroic past. The Museum of the Black Sea Fleet presents not only artifacts related to the war, but also exhibits showing the simple everyday life of sailors: letters, photographs, household items. A visit to the museum will enrich you not only with knowledge, but also spiritually.

The foundation of the museum fell in the fall of 1869, the museum was opened with private donations from the participants of the Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855. For twenty-five years the museum was in the house of General E.I. Totlebina, and by the anniversary of a quarter of a century the money raised was enough to build a separate building.

After the opening of the museum, this place became one of the most popular in Sevastopol. The museum was very famous and many representatives of the intelligentsia and nobility visited this museum. Among the military, the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet bore a certain halo of valor, honor and glory of Russian weapons.

Author: Nora Laamim



Location : Sevastopol

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