Fear and perseverance, strength and courage, life and death all this came together in Sevastopol. Unique panorama museum that describes the course of the Sevastopol defense and the life of ordinary people… Read More

One of main attractions of Sevastopol and its pride is the Russian Navy Black Sea fleet. During a boat trip, you will be able to see, and come close to the ships of the Russian Navy… Read More

In the Museum there are production facilities of the 825 GTS submarine repair plant, the 820 RTB nuclear Arsenal of the Navy, and the sea shipping channel. All objects were classified during the cold war… Read More

Legendary place, that permanently perpetuated memory of the heroic feat of the Russian people. It was always an important strategic height for the city of Sevastopol, it was here that the fierce battles took place… Read More

The Museum of the Black Sea Fleet presents not only artifacts related to the war, but also exhibits showing the simple everyday life of sailors: letters, photographs, household items … Read More

Two-tier stone built battery in the shape of a horseshoe in Sevastopol. It is located on the Cape of the same name in the Northern part of the Sevastopol Bay and is one of the main accents of the sea facade… Read More