Fear and perseverance, strength and courage, life and death all this came together in Sevastopol. In this city there is a unique panorama museum that describes the course of the Sevastopol defense and the life of ordinary people in this difficult period of time.

Every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to the museum-panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1864-1865” in order to get acquainted with the history of this memorable battle and to see with their own eyes the whole stage of the assault. It is known that visiting Russia everyone can attend this place, because it is unique in its panorama with realistic compositions of battles. Each person visiting this cultural site is breathtaking simply on the scale and majesty of military displays. It is amazing how a small part of the history of a large country is shown in the portraits and personal items of soldiers.

The basis for creating the panorama is the Crimean War of 1853-1856 between Russia and the military alliance, which included Turkey, Britain, France. It was during this period that the painful defense of the hero city took place.  In addition, the construction site of the panorama museum is due to the fact that by the autumn of 1854 the main enemy forces were concentrated in the Crimea in order to destroy the main base of the Black Sea Fleet-Sevastopol. The heroic defense of the city, six bombardments and two assaults are depicted in detail on the canvases of skillful artists. Even the location of this monument of art is very symbolic. By visiting this place, you will not only get acquainted with the history of the city, but also discover many interesting facts about the course of history as a whole.

Moreover, continuing to talk about the history of this panorama, it is worth saying that it opened for the 50th anniversary of the heroic defense of Sevastopol. A huge number of talented artists from around the world were attracted to the creation of this place. An interesting fact, one of them visited the battlefield and talked with eyewitnesses in order to reliably convey important events of heroic days and immortalize the memory of heroes. The uniqueness of the museum-panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1864-1865” was preserved with many historical canvases during the Great Patriotic War. During these years, bombs fell into the building, most of the paintings were saved, but the main canvas caught fire. Of course, it was restored, and by the centenary of the defense of Sevastopol, the panorama was reopened in its former place.

The museum itself is two-story. On the ground floor there is an exhibition hall. It gives a complete picture of the features of preparation for the Sevastopol defense of soldiers, failures and outcomes. Various portraits, personal things, documents are not located there by chance, because the idea was that to first see the attributes of the battle, and only then prepare for defense. At first glance, it may seem that this is not interesting, however, as soon as you go there, you will be speechless from what you see. After that, we will move upstairs, where there is an observation deck with a magnificent panoramic canvas. Many tourists say that, having been there, they seemed to be in the very center of the battles and felt like military leaders giving orders on the battlefield. Also, the creators wanted visitors to get to the highest point of the mound. The following sections are devoted to the creation and reconstruction of the Sevastopol panorama. Museum exhibits of the last century, huge vivid paintings, photographs of soldiers, tell the story of the fate of this cultural object during the Great Patriotic War. This place will be especially interesting to lovers of relics.

To summarize all of the above, I want to say that at the present time in the premises of the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1864 -1865.” In this period, you can see documentaries on the Crimean War. This place is a must in order to visit, as a result each person will be able to touch a little of the history of Russia, so that people know the value of life.

Authors: Elizabeth Konnova, Yesenia Lazareva


Photos: www.clck.ru/  www.jalita.com, Екатерина Ковалькова, Виктор Карасев, Максим Шелякин


Location : Sevastopol

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