Submarines Museum in Balaklava or Balaklava Museum complex (official name) is a branch of the Military history Museum of fortifications. Its location is quite specific-17 kilometers from Sevastopol, in the dungeons of mount Tavros, on the territory of a former underground submarine base.

On the site of the Museum there are production facilities of the 825 GTS submarine repair plant, the 820 RTB nuclear Arsenal of the Navy, and the sea shipping channel. All objects on the territory of the complex were classified during the cold war.

Closed city:

Even fifty years ago, Balaclava could not be found on the map. The secret city was turned into a district of Sevastopol, and access to it was possible only with special passes.

During the cold war, Stalin ordered the construction of a maintenance base for Soviet submarines that could be used for a nuclear strike. The underground naval complex is located in the Bay “Balaklava”, under mount Tavros. The object was given a name-hydraulic structure (GTS) No. 825. In addition to the repair and technical department, there was a headquarters for the preparation and testing of nuclear missiles and a storage facility with fuel amounting 9,5 thousand tons.

On the territory of the complex built another base — object number 820. In this place, nuclear combat units were assembled and issued to the black sea fleet forces. The bunker was commissioned in 1959.

Submarines were hidden in the water channel, where they were taken out to the open sea. Entry and exit was securely masked and protected by gates (the caisson gate), which was literally carved out of the rock.

It is interesting that the residents of the city learned about the real purpose of the complex only in 1993.

The last time submarines were withdrawn from the naval base was in 1994. 9 years later, the Balaklava underground military history Museum was built here.

Museum of submarines in Balaklava:

The Balaklava Museum is located so deep in the rocks that even an atomic bomb cannot destroy its walls. From the surface of the mountain to the place where the boats were located — 126 meters deep.

Moreover, the construction area is more than 5000 square meters. It includes an underground part of the plant, a sea pier, several buildings, and an arsenal. A transport column, a 505-meter-long dry and underground dock, and an arsenal where missile warheads were stored are available for inspection by tourists.

Poterna is a transport corridor leading to production facilities. Previously, it was used to deliver torpedoes and equipment, as a shelter for personnel. Today, the exhibition “Underwater forces of Russia”is located here.

An underground dock is a room where submarines were serviced. The dry dock was fenced off from the canal, and before the submarine entered it was quickly filled with water. At the pre-dock site, visitors can see the ultra-small submarine of the Titon 1M project.

The arsenal of the Museum of Submarines is concreted on all sides. Previously, it served as a storage place for torpedoes, combat and nuclear parts. It was the most secret place in the entire territory. Now you can view models of a cruise missile, a torpedo with a nuclear warhead, and a project 941 Akula Class nuclear-powered submarine.


The itinerary of the trips:

The tour on the first route lasts about an hour and involves 12 stops. Visitors need to get around the 900-meter-long underground mazes. The program includes a visit to a boat shelter from an atomic explosion, a 600-meter-long shipping channel, and an arsenal of nuclear weapons. The premises of the objects are now converted into Museum displays, which are based on historical immersion in the construction of an underground complex, the creation of a nuclear fleet and underwater forces.

The second route is more short, the tour is held for half an hour. You have to travel by boat along an underground canal, so this route is more suitable for the elderly or visitors with children. The program includes acquaintance with the caisson gate and Parking submarines. During the tour, the history of the creation of objects no. 820 RTB of the Navy and 825 is highlighted.



Location : Sevastopol

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