Favorable climate for viticulture led to the development of winemaking in the vicinity of Sevastopol. Before the war, wine cellars already existed nearby in the tunnels of Inkerman, but during the defense of the city in 1941-1942, they housed warehouses and a military hospital. During the retreat, the tunnels were blown up.
To restore the city in the post-war period required a considerable amount of stone, which was historically mined in Inkerman. It was the tunnels formed at a depth of up to thirty meters from the limestone production that had a low temperature and humidity necessary for the formation of a factory for the production of fine wines on their basis. They were useful for the new plant, which was created in Inkerman in 1961.
Wine production is carried out using classic technologies. The wine collection includes young, sparkling, classic lines.
To get acquainted with the history of the Inkerman vintage wine factory, visit its famous cellars with a total area of 55,000 Square Meters, as well as experience the unique bouquet of taste of wines from the Crimean vineyards, any connoisseur can make a tour of the plant with tasting.
The tour to Inkerman begins with the extensive underground galleries of the wine cellar, one of the largest not only in Russia, but also in Europe. To assess its scale, it is enough to imagine 7 football fields. The underground galleries are surrounded by a unique wine pipeline made of glass, connecting huge bottles, each of which holds from 5 to 21 thousand liters of wine. Since the Foundation of the Inkerman vintage wine factory, winemakers carefully create and replenish a collection of unique and rare wines, bottled and placed in a special storage, the so-called Enoteka.
Today, the Inkerman enoteka contains unique and rare samples of wine bookmarks of the 1960s and 1980s. Many wines have been preserved only in limited quantities. The tour program includes tastings of the best local wines. For those who are ready to dive into the world of art, Inkerman hosts evenings in the style of art IN wine: over a glass of wine, accompanied by delicious dishes, you can listen to pleasant music, watch a movie or theater performance, talk about art.
The most curious tourists go further: a half-hour drive from the Inkerman vintage wine factory is a new production of a full cycle-from receiving grapes to bottling wine. The plant has unique equipment for Crimea from French and Italian manufacturers — no other wine-making enterprise in Crimea has such technological capabilities.
The vineyards, modern complex and underground city of Inkerman attract tens of thousands of tourists every year — ordinary people and famous personalities, scientists and cultural figures, public figures. At the time, Inkerman was visited by cosmonaut George Grechko, French actor Gerard Depardieu, and traveler Fyodor Konyukhov.

Location : Sevastopol

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