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Words cannot convey the feeling that enveloped anyone who went to the pier near the Black Sea along the main street of the ancient city of Chersonesos and saw moored galleys from Rome and Byzantium… Read More

This monument is a visiting card of Sevastopol. This site collects a huge number of tourists but only a few know its interesting story. … Read More

Grafskaya Wharf of Sevastopol is a stately white column that has been the main sea gate of the hero city for many years… Read More

A unique panorama museum that describes the course of the Sevastopol defense and the life of ordinary people in this difficult period of time… Read More

In September 1911, the new Renaissance Bolshoi Art Theater was opened on Primorsky Boulevard. This significant event in the cultural life of the city was eagerly awaited by the Sevastopol… Read More

Snow-white Corinthian rotunda, created during the post-war reconstruction of the city in 1953. Architects of post-war Sevastopol used antique motifs in the new architecture of the city… Read More

Main embankment of Balaklava with many piers, stunning views of Balaklava Bay and mount Castron with the ruins of the Cembalo fortress… Read More

Its construction began in 1884 on the site of the former Nikolayev Naval battery. In 1885, it was equipped with walking areas with sea views, lush trees and shrubs.… Read More

Don’t miss a chance to see unique paintings of German, French, Italian and Russian artists for yourself! You will open a world of true masterpieces and get an unforgettable excursion adventure… Read More

Place, where the first presentation of the diverse collection of marine inhabitants was. It is voted the greatest monument of the biological sciences because of huge efforts of its founders. … Read More

Tour to Inkerman begins with the extensive underground galleries of the wine cellar, one of the largest not only in Russia, but in Europe. To assess its scale, it is enough to imagine 7 football fields.… Read More

Walking along the ancient streets of the National Reserve “Chersonesos Tauric” it is impossible not to look into the Italian courtyard, hidden between the buildings of the ancient… Read More