Walking along the ancient streets of the National Reserve “Chersonesos Tauric” it is impossible not to look into the Italian courtyard, hidden between the buildings of the ancient and medieval departments of the Museum. Previously, it was the monastery refectory, built in 1914, and the fraternal-Abbot building of the Chersonesos monastery.
The history of the monastery began with a visit to Chersonesos by the local Archbishop Innokenty. In 1850, it was decided to establish a monastery on the ruins of the legendary ancient city, on the site of the baptism of Prince Vladimir of Kiev.
Through the efforts of the Abbot of the Bakhchisarai Dormition skete, Archimandrite Polycarp, and Abbot Vasily (Yudin) donations were collected, which was used to build the first Church, and two small houses for monks were built nearby. But the beginning of the Crimean war made its own adjustments. On the territory of the Chersonesos monastery, the French placed a battery, as a result of the fighting, the buildings of the monastery were destroyed.
After the war, it was restored twice: three years after the repair, due to poor construction work performed by the merchant Peter Telyatnikov, the monastery had to be dismantled to the ground and a new one built of stone.
The monastery was often visited by representatives of the Imperial family and the reigning houses of Europe. Prince Milan obrenovich of Serbia, Prince Alfred of great Britain, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince albert of Prussia, and Prince Charles of Romania visited this place.
In 1924, the Vladimir Cathedral and the Chersonesos monastery related to it were closed, and the Church property passed to the Museum.
Now the autumn Italian courtyard of the former monastery fascinates with its mysterious beauty. The former monastery building, thickly covered with vines and ivy, a fountain that has long been empty of water, an old stone lion, a staircase with columns-this is what makes this place extremely cozy and romantic.
During the new year holidays, there is a traditional “Christmas fair” with performances by folk groups, folk festivals with tea, bagels, and pastries, and performances are staged on the site of the Italian courtyard.

Location : Sevastopol

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