Sevastopol is a Federal city in the South-West of the Crimean Peninsula. It was founded in 1783 as a naval port and city in the Bay of Akhtiar. In 1784 the city was given the name Sevastopol — “Holy city”.

In addition to its strategic importance as a port city, Sevastopol is a popular tourist destination due to its centuries-old history and a large number of attractions. And also, despite the fact that Sevastopol is not a resort city, its beautiful climate, abundance of beaches and wonderful nature attract tourists from all over the world and Russia.

Primorskiy Boulevard – sight of Sevastopol.  Its construction began in 1884 on the site of the former Nikolayev Naval battery. In 1885, it was equipped with walking areas with sea views, lush trees and shrubs. In the 1890s, a theater was built on the Boulevard, where the Moscow troupe later came on tour. The  Sevastopol audience appreciated the performances of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, who especially for the occasion came from Yalta. This theater has not survived to our time.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Primorsky Boulevard was divided into two parts: paid and free. You were supposed to pay 10 kopecks for the entrance to the paid part. Behind the fence, where the Boulevard opened to the count’s Wharf, entrance was free. The Boulevard was repeatedly reconstructed and expanded: its length and design changed. For the 50th anniversary of the defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855, a Monument to sunken ships appeared on Primorsky Boulevard – the main attraction and symbol of the city.

Primorsky Boulevard is the main walking street in the heart of Sevastopol. It is home to many historical and cultural monuments and attractions. In addition, you can enjoy the sea view, have a dinner in the restaurant with a sunset view, or have a cup of coffee with friends.

Along the entire perimeter of Primorsky Boulevard there are many cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget: from luxury fish restaurants with panoramic windows to small cozy coffee shops with sea views.

But better than any description, of course, will be to see this place firsthand, and enjoy the architecture and nature of the city yourself. This will be a wonderful experience for any tourist and will definitely be remembered for a long time.


Authors: Valetova Alexandra, Vinogradova Vitaliya


Location : Sevastopol

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