Don’t miss a chance to see unique paintings of German, French, Italian and Russian artists for yourself! You will open a world of true masterpieces and get an unforgettable excursion adventure in the historic cultural monument.

Sevastopol Art Museum is rich in a huge collection of paintings. It was built in the first half of the XX century. Unfortunately, it was absolutely destroyed due to World War II. After restoration it is a functioning museum that allows us to look at unique paintings. The building of museum is in a picturesque area and tourists will have a good time on the way to the gallery.

The opening of Sevastopol Art Museum was on 6th November 1927. The cultural sight is in the city centre near Primorsky Boulevard and is famous for its luxurious collection of paintings, which is the most interesting on the Crimean Peninsula.

During the fierce battle of World War II the masterpieces were taken out by the museum’s director, M. P. Kroshitsky. He accompanied the cargo from Sevastopol to Tomsk personally. The collection of paintings was in Simferopol and the museum building was burned when the war was completed. After 11 years, the art gallery resumed work. The museum was named after M.P. Kroshitsky for his brave actions during the war to save the collection in 1991.

Today the museum keeps more than 10 thousand unique compositions of painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts of 16th to 21st centuries. Everybody can see true masterpieces of Italian Renaissance, Dutch Painters, French, German and Russian artists. The most popular ones are J. Bassano, L. Giordano, J. Lefebvre, V.A. Tropinin, I.K. Aivazovsky, I.E. Repin, K.A. Korovin and K.F. Bogaevsky. Moreover, there are new temporary exhibitions that make tourists admire and enjoy the aesthetics from time to to time.

Sevastopol Art Museum named after M.P. Krushitsky is worth visiting because only here you can see beautiful paintings of Renaissance and enjoy architecture of the museum building.


Authors: Angelina Kotova, Sofia Tikhonova, Natalia Shevtso



Location : Sevastopol

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