Kazakhstan is an amazing country capable of pleasing the most demanding tourist with its beauties.

This charming region boasts not only fantastic landscapes, ancient monuments, and outlandish fauna. Kazakhstan is one of the most famous country in Asia, the ninth in the world in terms of the size of the territory. The popular expression “country of contrasts” fully applies to Kazakhstan. Europe and Asia meet here, antiquity and modernity in culture and history, Eastern traditions and Western technologies in architecture, frosts in winter and warmth in summer; dry steppes, deserts and high mountains (Khan Tengri peak – 6995 m). The list of such combinations of contrasting terms can be continued indefinitely, but in this list we have to name the “Great Silk Road” with its yurts, wells, camels and the world’s most famous Baikonur cosmodrome. A mixture of traditions, cultures will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an ancient civilization with the highest level of service and hospitality!

Must See Places in Kazakhstan

Almaty City  -is the Southern capital of Kazakhstan – is often called the city of a thousand colors. Luxurious Apple orchards, amazing fountains and monuments, mountains, snow picks, palaces, modern shops, museums and cathedrals – here you can feel like in Europe, but with an absolute Asian flavor. The city is located at the foot of the snow-capped mountains of the Zlilasky Alatau, so that the most picturesque Alpine landscapes and the business “Mecca” of Eurasia are combined here. The city’s coat of arms shows a snow leopard holding a branch with eight Apple flowers in its mouth, which represent 8 districts of Almaty. This animal can be seen in the Central square of the city. There stands a monument symbolizing the history of Kazakhstan – the Golden man controls the winged leopard.

And don’t miss many magnificent locations -in and -around Almaty, like:

Almaty Metro, Almaty Arbat, Kok Tobe Park, Enjoy Shymbulak peak by cable car to 3200 mtrs, Turquoise Issyk lake on 1700 mtr Hight, Get along with Kazakh traditions during Interactive program in EnthnoCenter “Nomad”, Visit legendary museum of Golden Men – symbol of Kazakhstan, Discover ancient Buddha carving in Tamgalay-Tas gorge, Experience the many millions-years beauty of Charyn Canyon and try local cuisine in real ancient house of Nomad people – Yurt

Welcome to Kazakhstan!

Visit the grand locations that Kazakhstan have to offer!
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