Dreamland Park in Moscow is the first world-class indoor theme Park in Russia and the largest in Europe. On its territory, you will find 9 fairy-tale worlds with world-famous cartoon characters, a city promenade and a landscaped landscape Park. You can not only ride on exciting rides, but also fight with villains shoulder to shoulder with ninja Turtles, see how the inhabitants of the mysterious hotel Transylvania live and go to the mysterious land of dinosaurs with Mowgli.

And also visit Rome, Barcelona, London and Beverly hills without buying a plane ticket! You can walk through the streets of these cities, take photos against the background of world attractions and buy what you have long dreamed of, in the area of the city’s promenade “Islands of Dreams” under giant glass domes. For outdoor recreation, we recommend going to a landscape Park with a wide variety of children’s, family and sports grounds.

Dream island is a family Park of great positive emotions!

Location : Moscow, Russia

Visit grand locations like Dreamland Park and loads more that Moscow have to offer!

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