History & Culture


You can get into the history and culture of Russia by visiting one of the many venues in Moscow. The world – famous Bolshoi Theater, Russian folk shows, concert venues – something happens here every day.

History of the Bolshoi Theater began at March 28, 1776 Catherine II signed the Prosecutor Prince Peter Urusov “privilege” for the maintenance of performances, masquerades, balls and other amusements… Read More

One of the largest concert halls in Moscow — the Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Concert hall since the beginning of the XXI century, the hall has been positioned as the main concert venue of the Moscow Philharmonic…Read More

On Tverskaya Boulevard in Moscow is a historic building. It is first mentioned in the records of the XVIII century. Then they wrote about it that it was “old stone chambers”.… Read More

The permanent exhibition of the Museum tells about the culture and life of the Jewish people throughout the history of Russia-from the reign of Catherine II to the present day… Read More

You will travel back in time with the show. The viewer follows the characters through the centuries, sharing the most significant events in the country`s history.… Read More

is the largest circus in Europe.The height of the dome is almost forty meters. The auditorium holds three thousand three hundred spectators.…Read More