“Moscow never sleeps.” – It’s true. You can have any Entertainment dine on a luxury cruise while admiring evening Kremlin, or visit famous Russian Circus, learn mysteries of the universe in Planterium, visit Zoo or Village of Russian Santa Claus…

First world-class indoor theme Park in Russia and largest in Europe. On its territory, you will find 9 fairy-tale worlds with world-famous cartoon characters, a city promenade and a landscaped landscape Park… Read More

Enjoy restaurants with on-board service and amazing views of Moscow from the water. You can have a delicious time, celebrate a memorable event  or just enjoy a walk with a glass of wine and light snacks..…Read More

Wind tunnel is a free fall simulator and a large open-type wind tunnel with fans at the bottom under a protective mesh. It create an air flow that simulates the conditions of free fall, comparable to a parachute jump.…Read More

One of the favorite places of recreation in Moscow, combining educational, entertainment and scientific components. Its includes 4D movie theater, star halls, interactive museums, a large Observatory, and an astronomical platform “Sky Park”… Read More

Exposition can be compared with the world-famous Bangkok sea center Siam Ocean World. An additional advantage is the numerous marine shows that are held in the aquarium..…Read More

Created by the Imperial Russian society for the acclimatisation of animals and plants, it was maintained largely thanks to donations from the Royal family. Zoo has about 6 thousand individuals representing 1,100 species… Read More

Children from 5 to 14 years in a playful way get acquainted with the variety of existing professions and take the first steps on the path of professional orientation… Read More

An unique ethnographic Park which presents architecture, culture, national cuisine, traditions and life of different peoples of the world. A part of the “Dialogue of cultures — one world” charity Fund, it is carried out under the auspices of UNESCO.…Read More

All year round Park and a House in the old Russian style, where new year’s characters stay during the winter holidays: Santa Claus and his granddaughter – Snow maiden.…Read More

This is one of the largest sports and concert venues. The large Luzhniki arena is really very large — it is designed for almost 80,000 spectators for sport or music event. You can take an excursion tour inside or visit on of World famous show… Read More

On Russian: Banya, Sauna, which are locally called Sanduny, were opened in 1808. Today it is one of the monuments of urban architecture and the best luxury place for relaxing with SPA procedures.…Read More

A fairy tale place. A magnificent castle, Kremlin, Vodka museum, flea market, fairs, workshops for adults and children, an atmosphere of magic. One of the most unique cultural centres in Russia…Read More

A true veteran in the World of circus art. The building was built more than 130 years ago and was operated even in the most difficult wartime for Russia.… Read More

You will travel back in time with the show. The viewer follows the characters through the centuries, sharing the most significant events in the country`s history.…Read More

Is the largest circus in Europe.The height of the dome is almost forty meters. The auditorium holds three thousand three hundred spectators.……Read More