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Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, a city of Incredible cultural, historical and spiritual heritage. It is located in the center of the European part of Russia on the banks of the Moscow river of the same name . The first mention of the city dates back to 1147 and is associated with the name of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.
Moscow became the Capital of Russia at XIV century, and by the end of the XIX century became a city with more than 1 million citizens. Moscow today is a modern active living metropolis that never sleeps: there are a huge number of bars, restaurants, shopping centers, night clubs, entertainment centers for every taste. Regular events are held: concerts, exhibitions, festivals. The developed urban transport network makes it convenient to move around the city at any time of the day.  Moscow Metro is not only transport, but a real Museum underground.
Moscow is the leading city in the World in terms of the number of museums — there are about 400 of them.

The largest Museum in Moscow (and one of the largest in the world) is the Moscow Kremlin: the oldest part of the city occupies 27 hectares and you can falls in love with the beauty of its towers, cathedrals and palaces . The Kremlin itself is a fortress, the largest active fortress in Europe. Most tourist routes to Russia start with a visit to the Red square in the historical center — this is the heart of not only Moscow, but the heart of the whole country.
In addition, Moscow has about 300 theaters, about 100 luxurious palaces and estates, about 50 concert venues and dozens of parks. Talking about parks, Moscow surpasses many cities in the world, and even some of them are home to wild moose .
Moscow is one of the TOP 10 cities equipped with advanced information solutions in the field of urban security according to Frost&Sullivan, so tourists coming to the city can be confident in their safety.
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