Museums & Architecture


There are countless places to see in Moscow: more than 400 Museums in Moscow – for every taste and age, and hundreds of times more Architectural monuments that create a unique image of the capital of Russia

Located in the historical Сenter of Moscow, Red square is the main square of the Сapital of Russia… Read More

The Moscow Kremlin is certainly the capital’s main attraction. It is visible from almost every point in the center of the capital… Read More

The treasure-house and a storage and display of the Royal treasures and is one of Russia’s first museum buildings of special purpose… Read More

Unique collection of precious stones of Russia Royal family – emeralds, diamonds and others in ancient masterpieces… Read More

Oldest streets in Moscow – a magnet for tourists, soaked in special spirit, with houses and lanes, each of which tells a fascinating history… Read More

Main transport artery of the city and a monument of culture, architecture. A tour of Moscow Metro will reveal secrets, a secret underground city.… Read More

One of the most unique cultural centers in Russia, where anyone can be a main character of a fairy tale for one day… Read More

A piece of land with skyscrapers will remind you of other similar places in Paris or London – Moscow International Business Center, also known as «Moscow-City»… Read More

If Kremlin – the heart of the capital, Sparrow Hills – no less than it soul. Not many places in Moscow to participate in the life of almost every citizen of it… Read More

Embankment with stunning views of the Moscow river, stretches from the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge up to Serafimovich street… Read More

After viewing the exhibition, you can drink a couple of cocktails with a panoramic view of the city. The exhibition and bar are located on the 56th floor, which is 215 meters above the ground… Read More

A business card of the capital, a monument to the grandeur of the Soviet era and at the same time a look into the future of Russian television… Read More

Legendary Museum with thousands of masterpieces of Art. Throughout a life, merchant Pavel Tretyakov, collected paintings of famous Russian artists… Read More

The largest entertainment and educational complex in Russia. You can see a replica of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceship, the first passenger airplane and a real power plant… Read More

When Space is so close! Cosmonautics and space flights on the one hand still seem like a dream, but on the other hand have long been our reality.… Read More

One of the oldest stone buildings and palace for Russian Tzar, which is part of the architectural ensemble of the modern Moscow Kremlin… Read More

Among the most famous exhibits are the famous “Izbornik Svyatoslav” and “Apostol”, the sword of Napoleon Bonaparte or the letter on the walrus FangRead More

Legendary monument, designed not only to perpetuate the feat of two people, but the heroism of Russian nation in fight against Polish-Lithuanian invaders… Read More

One of Moscow’s attractions, which is simply impossible to pass by, is a magnificent 160mtr high building of the beginning of the XX century… Read More

The building is credited with resembling the Woolworth building in Manhattan. The architectural appearance dates back to the English Gothic… Read More

The height of the sculptures is about 25 meters, the height of the pavilion-pedestal is 34.5 meters. The total weight is 185 tons… Read More

Largest natural history museums in the world with strange finds-fragments of skeletons of ancient animals, their teeth and bones… Read More

Museum acts as a scientific, educational, artistic and aesthetic center “Man and nature”. Collection of sculptures on anthropogenesis… Read More

Museum began with an exhibition dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Moscow street lighting, opened in December 1980… Read More

Artistic products and decorative and applied art, including jewelry, rare collection of samovars and artistic casting, art varnishes, porcelain and glass, wood… Read More

It was opened in 1964 on the Alley of Space Heroes on the launch of the first earth satellite to mark the breakthrough of the Soviet people in space exploration… Read More

The monument depicts the poet standing in the characteristic pose of an orator-reader. Broad-shouldered, in an open jacket, with a notebook in his hand… Read More