Parks & Palaces


Moscow Parks and Palaces are something that the Russian capital is proud of. There are more than 100 parks with a lot of architectural masterpieces, and Moscow is one of the top European capitals in terms of landscaping

Small piece of Paradise, previously known as Kremlin Gardens and subsequently changed to Alexander Garden after the coronation of Emperor Alexander II (1856), a set of 3 gardens where you feel the delicate aroma of fresh grass and flowers… Read More

The first world-class Park in Russia. A space for recreation, sports, dancing, yoga, outdoor games, A Space for Life. Free entrance, Wi-Fi, great food, a new epicenter of life in Moscow…Read More

An old estate belonging to counts of Sheremetyevo. Pavilions, Palace, incredible Park with marble sculptures, large museum of ceramics, tranquil water reservoirs. Called the ‘Versailles of Moscow…Read More

Ancient site that rivalled the Kremlin in influence. Stone domes, completely unique architectural structure, And also, it was here that the first Russian Observatory was located. Read More

A fiefdom of the Moscow Grand Dukes and Tsars. In it the Church of the ascension is a UNESCO world heritage site. The objects here are archaeological finds, household items, interior, and weapons…Read More

A Queens complex, includes a Palace, a Park ensemble, as well as huge exhibition halls. The Museum complex consists of expositions of the XVIII century, an archaeological exhibition and a Museum of applied and decorative arts…Read More

A great place for people who like drama, opera, theatre. Here you will find the Heart monument, dedicate to lovers installed in 2006, vibrancy is everywhere.… Read More

One of the largest in Moscow covering 310 hectares, with 2 parts; recreation for family and forest area. From 2 years to 70 years old, there are many things for everyone here…Read More

12 thousand hectares of forest where pine trees being planted for  more than 115 years. Home to wild boars, moose, hares, foxes and other traditional forest dwellers. And in the sky fly hawks, eagles with many excursion routes…Read More

One of the most innovative urban recreation and entertainment facilities in Europe. There is all the infrastructure for recreation and entertainment. In addition, A unique bridge that “hangs” over the river Moscow for stunning views of the Kremlin… Read More

A small Park in the center of Moscow. The Catherine Institute of noble maidens were settled here. A cute and nice place to relax in the city center of Moscow.…Read More

A three-hundred-year history – a riot of wildlife in the the center of Moscow. At one time, medicinal plants were grown here, Where you can find palm trees, Japanese carp, Royal cats, sunbathing turtles and cherry blossoms at the same time?…Read More

A fairy tale place. A magnificent castle, Kremlins, Vodka museum, flea market, fairs, workshops for adults and children, an atmosphere of magic. One of the most unique cultural centres in Russia… Read More

An unique ethnographic Park which presents architecture, culture, national cuisine, traditions and life of different peoples of the world. A part of the “Dialogue of cultures — one world” charity Fund, it is carried out under the auspices of UNESCO.…Read More

The largest entertainment and educational complex in Russia, There are modern structures dedicated to space, energy and cybernetics. 49 buildings and Only here you can see a replica of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceship, the first passenger airplane and a real power plant!…Read More