Cathedrals, Shrines & Temples


History of Moscow dates back to the XI century. Here you will find a huge number of ancient Moscow Cathedrals, Shrines, Churches and Temples, many of which are still functional.

Very beautiful & largest Cathedral in Russia, designed for 10,000 devotees. The original took 44 years and has now been rebuilt in 2000… Read More

The most enchanting, captivating, famous and endearing symbols of Russia since many decades, visit to Russia is incomplete without a visit… Read More

It a part of 3 Cathedrals inside the Moscow Kremlin. It served as the House Church of the Moscow Kings and their families. As per historical sources, Annunciation Cathedral is the oldest building in modern Moscow.…Read More

Ancient Shrine, pilgrims come from all over Russia for unique miraculous icons. The icon of the mother of God “Merciful” hundreds of times helped everyone who turned to the Heavenly forces for help through it.… Read More

Final resting place of 20 of the Patriarch’s of Russia (the respected Pope of Russian Orthodox Christianity) along with many priests of temples who dedicated their lives for the people of Russia.…Read More

Was founded in 1524. The history of the Royal family is closely associated with it.  If you look at the map of Moscow, you can see that the Novodevichy monastery and the Kremlin are connected directly…Read More

It founded by Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna. After her husband, was tragically killed in a terrorist attack on a Moscow street, the inconsolable widow decided to retire from social life for helping others… Read More

One of the very few Catholic Churches in Moscow, built by an architect Polish  in 1911,was built with donations collected from Polish, Belarussianб Russian catholics,  project was permitted by Tsar Nicholas II.…Read More

The most significant monument to Peter the Great, which chroniclers mentioned in their writings as early as 1317.  The Metropolitan of Kiev, founded the monastery. This became the first male monastery of the capital…Read More