EthnoMir – ethnographic Park-Museum, Kaluga, Russia

EthnoMir – is an unique ethnographic Park-Museum near the village of Petrovo Borovsky district of the Kaluga region near the border with the Moscow region, which presents architecture, culture, national cuisine, traditions and life of different peoples of the world. Created by Ruslan Bayramov in 2007 as part of the “Dialogue of cultures — one world” charity Fund, it is carried out under the auspices of UNESCO.

In this unique place you can find: the USSR Museum, the Museum of nomadic peoples, Museum of Ukraine, Museum of Belarus, the Museum of puppet Nations of the world, the Museum of samovars, the Museum of irons, the exhibition “the Great teacher of humanity”, exhibition “World architecture masterpieces”.

Ethnodvor is an authentic recreated island of culture, where there are houses, workshops, ethno-hotels, souvenir shops and other buildings that convey the flavor of traditional life. In fact, ethnic courts are major operating museums of the peoples of the world.

Master classes

Dozens of thematic excursions and master classes are held in the Ethnomir. Special tours with educational programs have been developed for schoolchildren and students, for example: “My Russia”, “Travel in Europe”, “Traditions and life of nomads”, “Siberia far and near”, “Wonders of India”, ” Ecology. Habitat”, etc.

The following Ethnodvor (Ethno Areas) operate in the Park:

– Podvorye ethnic Park: educational center and hotel complex Podvorye, made in the traditions of Russian wooden architecture, as well as a children’s Playground. The Museum of the Russian Oven is located nearby.

– Ethnic yard “Ukraine and Belarus”: the traditional life, customs, holidays, way of life of the peoples of Belarus and Ukraine. The concept of creating an ethnodoor emphasizes not only the diversity of people’s life, but also the unity of spiritual and folk traditions of the Slavic peoples.

– Ethnic yard “North, Siberia and far East” occupies territory of 2 hectares displaying the diversity of the Siberian peoples, especially their cultures, beliefs, living traditions and traditions of man’s relationship with nature. There are a hotel, a Museum, a tea Yurt, a cafe, a Khan Yurt, a glade for games, an aviary of husky sled dogs and a fire place.

– Russian Oven Museum: the exhibition is formed by the building of the world’s largest Russian oven and nine huts from different regions of the European part of Russia.

The architectural ensemble recreates the structure of ancient Slavic settlements, in which residential buildings surrounded the Central square. Russian Oven, the largest in the world, is located in the center of this ethnodvor. it is a 4-fold enlarged model of a Russian oven.

– Ethnic Area “South Asia”: cultures of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Here are located: Spa hotel “Sri Lanka”, ethno-hotels “India” and “Nepal”. The Sri Lanka house is built in the traditional Lankan style typical of buildings in Kandy. The decoration of the house is a sculptural composition of a lion, the prototype of which is the “Lion mountain” in Sigiriya. The cultural center of India, located on the territory of the ethnodvor, is built in the Indo-Saracen style and contains an auditorium for 50 seats, an exhibition hall, a Museum and rooms for holding craft workshops. The project of the house “Nepal” was made by Nepalese architects. The exterior decoration of the building is sculptural images, prayer drums or Mani drums and the peace bell.

Location : Moscow, Russia

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