The first in the capital and the largest in Russia theme Park of professions “Masterslavl” Moscow, where children from 5 to 14 years in a playful way get acquainted with the variety of existing professions and take the first steps on the path of professional orientation.

Masterslavl is a model of a small Russian provincial city, the architecture of which was formed at the end of the XIX century. There are streets, squares, alleys, squares and monuments, and each building is a workshop of a certain profile (Bank, post office, electric grid company, travel agency, auto center, ministry of emergency situations, etc.), where classes are held, and children are introduced to the relevant professions in a playful way. In 60 workshops that represent more than 150 professions, 300 scenarios are taught under the guidance of mentors (students and graduates of specialized educational institutions).

The city has first-class equipment that allows not only to create the atmosphere of a real city, but also to give children the opportunity to get basic skills of mastering a particular specialty, to take the first steps towards professional self-determination.

Masterslavl has created the most comfortable conditions for children with disabilities. In The center of Good Deeds of the City, you can not only take part in charity, but also learn good welcome words in the language of the deaf and dumb and convert the text into Braille.

One of the main rules of Masterslavl is that children choose their own workshops. They get the opportunity to “play” a lot of new roles in a short period of time and identify propensities to certain activities that match the character. Through the game, a stream of ideas and concepts about the adult world around them is poured into the child’s world. On the territory of Masterslavl there is a Table of ranks, and the city has introduced its own currency – “Golden talents”. Children can earn money and spend it.


Author: Nadezhda Pushkina

Location : Moscow, Russia

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