The history of the Moscow’s Zoo began in 1864. Created by the Imperial Russian society for the acclimatisation of animals and plants, it was maintained largely thanks to donations from the Royal family. At the moment, the zoo has about 6 thousand individuals representing 1,100 species. The number of expositions reaches several dozen, all of them are clearly structured and arranged in accordance with the regions of animal habitat, families, species, and so on. Visitors can see animals from all over the world-elephants, feline predators, primates, giraffes, polar bears, penguins, pelicans, and many others. Education is one of the main activities of the zoo.

Today, there are organised groups for children of different ages (The circle of young biologists of the zoo and the biological circle “Manulyata”), children’s and adult lectures, where participants communicate with researchers of wildlife and get acquainted with representatives of fauna. Lectures are conducted by famous and young scientists, as well as employees of nature reserves, participants of expeditions and employees of the zoo itself. The Moscow zoo is a member of the world, European and Eurasian regional Association of zoos and aquariums, is a participant in large-scale environmental programs, and cooperates with leading international organisation working in the field of ecology and species conservation. The zoo is open all year round, during which it receives about 3.5 million visitors.


Author: Nadezhda Pushkina

Location : Moscow, Russia

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