Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow is a true veteran in the World of circus art. The building was built more than 130 years ago, and the first who performed in this arena was the troupe of Albert Solomonsky. In the most difficult wartime for Russia and Moscow, the Circus continued to work for the audience. And Muscovites were waiting for its performances no less than encouraging reports from the fronts of the Great Patriotic war.

Much later, the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard became a “starting point ” in the career of many famous artists. It was here that Leonid Yengibarov and the fiery-red Oleg Popov, Yuri Nikulin and Mikhaila began performing in front of the public. Yuri Nikulin not only performed at the arena as a brilliant clown, but also in 1983 became the head of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Today, Yuri Nikulin business is continued by his son Maxim.

In addition to the great Patriotic War, and numerous German bombings (fortunately, did not affect the building) in the life of the circus was another important stage. On August 13, 1985, after working out the last performance, it closed for reconstruction. And exactly four years later, completely renewed, it began to receive viewers again. Its first program after reconstruction was the performance “Hello, old circus!”. Muscovites and guests of the city appreciated the transformed building. They especially admired the fact that many things remained “as they were” in the circus, and its auditorium preserved a cozy atmosphere in which it is very easy to feel at home. Well, the circus team really liked the modern dressing rooms and spacious enclosures for animals.

In different years, the arena of the circus, which is now called the “Nikulin circus”, was visited by legendary artists and no less legendary dynasties: Durov animal trainers, Sosin jumpers, Koch equilibrists, Kio illusionists. The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard gave a start to life to many of today’s most famous artists: aerial gymnasts Panteleenko, amimal trainers Begbudi, the brilliant juggler Ivanov. Modern circus artists are well aware that they work in a unique place, and respect its traditions. And the circus is happy to open its doors to new and new talents.

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