Village of Russian Santa Claus, Russia, Moscow

In Moscow, there is a fabulous place that will appeal to both children and adults — this is the Village of Russian Santa Claus (rus: Ded Moroz) Moscow. Its territory is accessible to visitors all year round, there is a small Park, a House (rus: Terem) in the old Russian style, where new year’s characters stay during the winter holidays: Santa Claus and his granddaughter – Snow maiden. There is an indoor skating rink, a cafe, a gift shop and a post office where anyone can send a letter to Santa Claus. There is also a children’s playground with rides and a pen with goats, children are always curious to study these animals.

However, it is most interesting to visit here in winter — from November to January, at this time, rich and varied programs are prepared for visitors — quests, exciting excursions, master classes, new year’s tea parties. But the main thing that is included in some of them is, of course, the opportunity to meet with Santa Claus himself, who is happy to communicate with children and congratulate them on the most magical holiday of the year. Also, on November 18, you can get to the celebration of the birthday of Santa Claus with interactive games, concerts, fairy-tale performances and many other surprises. Concerts are organized here, and thematic excursions and master classes are prepared for folk (for example, on Maslenitsa) and religious (Easter) holidays, which introduce native Russian traditions.

The estate is part of the state Museum-reserve “Kuzminki-Lublino”, near attractions such as the Park and the Kuzminki estate.

Excursions to Village of Russian Santa Claus

The program of visiting the estate can optionally include a tour that introduces the internal structure of the fairy-tale residence. Within its framework, visitors can see the House (Terem) of Santa Claus, in which there is a throne, on which children like to sit down and make their most cherished wishes. Traveling through the rooms, children and adults will learn a lot of interesting things about the fairy-tale wizard, the structure of his life and work features. Visitors can see the master’s study, living room,  bedroom, interesting items of furniture and a large number of gift boxes.

Also, children and accompanying adults visit the Snow Maiden’s House (Terem) — a small, cozy house with household items from the past, where you can see a Russian stove, wooden furniture, tablecloths, dishes, toys. If you are lucky enough to find the mistress of the house, you can learn a lot of interesting details about her life, about the traditions and life of our ancestors. Some master classes are also held in the Terem.

You can also go to the tower where the new year’s post is located, where children are taught how to write messages to Santa Claus.

Location : Moscow, Russia

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