History of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow began at March 28, 1776 Catherine II signed the Prosecutor Prince Peter Urusov “privilege” for the maintenance of performances, masquerades, balls and other amusements for a period of ten years and instructed him to build a theater. He started its construction, even gave it its name – Petrovsky (since it stands on the corner of Petrovka), but it was not possible to complete its construction due to a fire. Then Peter Urusov’s partner – an English entrepreneur-Michael Medox joined the case. He completed the building, and after its construction, the theater stage was mostly used for staging ballet – the audience liked it better. So, the theater building served for another 25 years, until in 1805 it burned down again. Then in 1812 and 1853 it burned two more times, but still the geniuses-reconstructors brought it to its proper form, which is admired by residents and visitors to this day.

 Outside the building was completely rebuilt and decorated with a white stone portico with eight columns. The architect replaced the four-pitched covering with a gable with pediments, repeating the form of the pediment of the portico along the main facade and removing the arched niche. The ionic order of the portico was replaced by a complex one. Have changed all the details of the exterior. Some architects believe that Kavos ‘ changes reduced the artistic merit of the original building. The building is crowned by the world-famous bronze Quadriga of Apollo, the work of Peter Klodt. We see a two-wheeled chariot with four harnessed horses galloping across the sky and the God Apollo driving them. A plaster double – headed eagle-the state emblem of Russia-was installed on the front of the building. On the ceiling of the auditorium are placed nine muses with Apollo at the head.

The theater, in addition to the main stage, has several foyers and halls. The main foyer is accessed by a Grand staircase decorated with alabaster vases. The main foyer is the largest and most luxurious in this theater, decorated with paintings from the 19th century, as well as crystal chandeliers. The round hall was most likely used for balls and receptions in the 19th century, the most interesting thing is that it is square, and it is called Round because of its ceiling. Right behind the Round hall is the Large Imperial foyer, the walls of which, as I recently learned, were covered with red cloth in honor of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, the decor of this hall is made in gold style and white marble, like the previous ones. These halls with magnificent style transport you to those centuries, if not with time, then with your soul.

So, we come to the main thing in this theater-the Historical stage of the Bolshoi theater-five tiers of the auditorium from which a wonderful view of the stage opens from any angle, as well as places located in the center, a large gold crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the hall fascinates with its appearance and volume, a huge stage where the best ballet dancers, orchestra musicians and Opera singers perform.

Few interesting facts about the Bolshoi Theater:

  • The theater square on which the theater stands was named after him.
  • Russian 100-ruble bills depict the Bolshoi Theater.
  • For the entire existence of the Large the theater has staged more than 800 different performances on its stage.
  • The building of the theater, as well as the property survived the bombing during World war II, as it was disguised as a normal residential building in order to avoid targeted hits

Bolshoi is a main theater of Russia. You can learn more by visiting this magnificent place in person, even if you do not see any performance, but just see the building from the outside-you will already have an unforgettable experience that will attract you here again and again.



Author: Dmitriev Danila

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