Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center was opened in 2012. It is located in the building of the bakhmetyevsky garage – a monument of constructivism by K. Melnikov and V. Shukhov, built in 1927.
The permanent exhibition of the Museum tells about the culture and life of the Jewish people throughout the history of Russia-from the reign of Catherine II to the present day. It is divided into 12 thematic spaces, each of which corresponds to a specific period of world and Russian history. The exhibition is built on the principle of interactivity — photo and video archives, documents and interviews form the basis of audiovisual installations, pavilions are equipped with panoramic cinemas and interactive screens. In the Windows you can see authentic items of Jewish life, however, some static elements of the exhibition come to life if you touch them.
The Museum hosts exhibition projects. A 4D film dedicated to biblical events and the ancient history of the Jewish people-from the creation of the world to the emergence of diasporas — is being shown to visitors at the Nachalo cinema. There is a tolerance center, educational and research centers, and the vanguard center implements educational and exhibition programs. A developing space with art classes, Museum quests, children’s exhibitions and other events is organized for children. There is also a shop at the Museum.
The Jewish Museum and tolerance Center is fully adapted for people with special needs in perception of information and movement. You can rent an audio guide with a tour of the Museum in Russian, English and Hebrew.


Author: Nadezhda Pushkina

Location : Moscow, Russia

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