Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre on Tverskaya Boulevard in Moscow is a historic building. It is first mentioned in the records of the XVIII century. Then they wrote about it that it was “old stone chambers”. Its length along the facade was much shorter than it is now. The building itself was repeatedly rebuilt, expanded by order of influential owners in the middle of the XIX century, the facade was altered in a fashionable eclectic style.

At the beginning of the XX century, the house was bought by a real state Councilor Portnov. He rented the first floor to the cyclists ‘ club (as cyclists were then called) and the music and drama club, and the second floor to a private gymnasium. In 1914, the famous Russian Director Alexander Tairov was looking for a room for his own theater, and on the advice of his wife, drew attention to the house number 23 on Tverskaya Boulevard with a beautiful black entrance door. In the same year, an auditorium and stage were added to the house. So there was a Chamber theater, which existed until 1949, and since 1950 the building was occupied by the Pushkin Theater

The interior design of the theater was then changed to the fashion of the Soviet era – added velvet and gilding, hung the coat of arms over the stage and huge chandeliers, which are still part of the interior, but the stage space itself is the same four scenes that Tairov built. One of them shows performances. Today, the theater. Pushkin is a popular place among Muscovites. The repertoire includes both classical and modern works. Get into the theater. Pushkin is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of theatrical art and enjoy good acting.


Author: Nadezhda Pushkina

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