In 2017, the National Theater of Folk music and songs «The Golden Ring» Moscow first presented the show of the same name. The founders of the theatre are People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Kadysheva and her husband Alexander Kostyuk. Their vast experience, devotion to national traditions made this couple great leaders, who inspired the team to create a unique, spectacular and impressive show. The symbol of the show is a golden ring, which from olden times has been the symbol of fidelity and loyalty in Russia . «The Golden Ring» is also the name of the world-famous tourist rout composed of some of Russia’s oldest cities and smaller towns. So the name Golden Ring was chosen to emphasize the fouders’ loyalty to the traditions of the multi-national Russian people.
You will travel back in time with the show. The viewer follows the characters through the centuries, sharing the most significant events in the country`s history , watching the scenes from the life of a great nation.
«The Golden Ring» is a colorful musical performance. It is like beautiful and complicated patterns of Vologda laces. Northern tunes, Cossack dances, long Siberian songs, melodic ballads all intertwined into a breathtaking story.
The show involves about 50 ballet dancers, musicians and singers as well. A special feature of background music is sound of folk instruments, including ancient ones. Especially for this show designers created over 350 unique costumes.
The show is not only history and tradition. It is the most up-to-date stage technologies, impressive lighting, video equipment, great sound.

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