The Timiryazev State Biological Museum is a comprehensive natural science Museum. It was founded in 1922 on the basis of the Museum of wildlife of the Moscow city people’s University named after A. L. Shanyavsky. Now the Museum acts as a scientific, educational, artistic and aesthetic center “Man and nature”. The Museum has the most complete collection of sculptures on anthropogenesis. A unique part of the Fund is also made up of collections of works of graphics, sculpture and painting, models of mushrooms of domestic and foreign microflora, biogroups, shells of mollusks and corals, and insects.

The Museum conducts more than sixty thematic excursions and twenty lectures on biology and ecology for visitors of different ages, and organizes a variety of family recreation programs. Many tours are accompanied by video demonstrations and experiments.

Museum clubs of the Museum unite fans of orchids, cacti, minerals, flower arrangements, and a circle of young paleontologists. Every year there are exhibitions “Violets”, “Houseplants”, “Cacti”, “Amazing in stone”, “Ferrets”, “the Second life of flowers”, as well as festivals of fascinating science and fascinating biology.


Author: Nadezda Pushkina

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