The monument to V. V. Mayakovsky by the sculptor A. P. Kibalnikov was opened on July 29, 1958 on the square named after Him. The sculptor Kibalnikov received the Lenin prize for this work.

The monument depicts the poet standing in the characteristic pose of an orator-reader. Broad-shouldered, in an open jacket, with a notebook in his hand, as if prepared to read poetry, a powerful bass voice over the noise of the many-voiced square. A six-meter-high monumental figure stands solemnly above the square. The bold gaze of a man-agitator, a poet-fighter is directed towards the rising sun.

On the pedestal of the monument to V. V. Mayakovsky are carved the lines “And I, as the spring of humanity, born in labor and in battle, sing my Fatherland, my Republic!”. For lovers of poetry, the Mayakovsky monument has become a place of traditional meetings.


Author: Nadezda Pushkina

Location : Moscow, Russia

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