Moscow Lights Museum began with an exhibition dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Moscow street lighting, opened in December 1980 on the first floor of this building. The Museum occupies the white-stone chambers of the late XVII century, which belonged to the Miloslavskys; this is a rare monument of Russian architecture.

We can say that the exhibition begins at the entrance to the Museum — in the square in front of the building in a row lined with old lamps: oil, kerosene and electric. Inside, in the Museum itself, various light sources are presented: hand-held and street lamps, lamps and lamps, a light with a beam. There are also outdoor lighting control panels, and one of the halls is dedicated to an electric clock. Interactive exhibits that you can touch are also presented in the Museum. The Museum’s collections contain archival materials on lighting technology, photographs and drawings of lighting devices, as well as materials on the history of Moscow — photos of the capital’s views, drawings.

The Museum hosts excursions, including in English, master classes on making a candle lamp and painting candles, interactive classes — ” what is light?”, “Visiting an old street lamp”, “Getting fire” and others. During these sessions, you can try to write something with a quill pen and ink, and study the properties of light through experiments… The Museum also hosts festive and new year programs. In addition, the Museum organizes walking and bus tours around Moscow and the Moscow region, and even conducts field classes in schools using the Museum’s exhibits.


Author: Nadejda Pushkina

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