Armoury Chamber in Moscow Kremlin – is a treasure-house, one of the most famous Russian museum, with the wealth and splendor collection. The building of the Armory chamber was built in 1851 and was the project of architect Ton. The building was originally designed for the storage and display of the Royal treasures and is one of Russia’s first museum buildings of special purpose.

Excursion to the Armoury Chamber surprises tourists with treasures of the Russian nation, the precious gifts, cups, icons, the best products of Russian and foreign craftsmen. Here, You get acquainted with the masterpieces of armorers, collectible guns, swords of Damascus steel, studded with diamonds and rubies, swords attract the attention of both adults and children. You will learn about the history of the Royal court, the value of Russia in the world, the importance and the complexity of the diplomatic relations.

Today, the Armoury Chamber collection presents:

  • Unique works by Russian masters from the XII – XX century, including most of the famous Faberge eggs;
  • Collections of Western European art silver from XII – XIX centuries, including the world’s largest collection of British art silver dated XVI – XVII century;
  • Russian military clothes of XII – XIX centuries;
  • Old Russian secular and ecclesiastical clothing, ceremonial costumes from XVII – XX centuries;
  • Rare collection of vintage carriages XVI – XVIII centuries, ceremonial horse trappings;
  • Thrones, crowns, including Monomakh crown, state regalia.

With a collection of 4,000 exhibits, Armoury Chamber is considered as one of the most famous museums in the world, annually attracting millions of visitors from around the world

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