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The Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait is the latest business card of Crimea, and is the longest In Europe. It stretches across the Strait for 19 kilometres, which connects… Read More

Since many tourists visiting Crimea make a stop in its capital, Simferopol, which is the most important transport hub of the Peninsula, can rightly be called the “gateway to Crimea”… Read More

Feodosia or Kafa was an important medieval port where Afanasy Nikitin landed after his tour of India where-in he spent 3 years, landing in Revdanda (Maharashtra)… Read More

The Golden storeroom is an interesting collection of ancient gold and gold products that was found on the territory of the Crimea. In these places, fruitful archaeological research… Read More

On one of the highest rocks of the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, there is an incredible medieval castle called Swallow’s Nest. Harmoniously fitting into the surrounding mountain… Read More

A combination of styles, epochs, and cultures. On one hand, the Black sea merges with the horizon, and on the other – rises the crown of Crimeas mountain AI-Petri… Read More

A piece of Italy in Crimea, the picturesque Livadia Palace a place where the future of present day World was written, the summer residence of the Royal family, the center of Russia’s foreign policy life… Read More

In 1828, the Alupkin estate of count M. S. Vorontsov included the estate of Massandra, which occupied the territory from the sea coast to the mountain ranges. An English Park was… Read More

Dacha or manor Stamboli in Feodosia — one of the pearls of the Crimea. A romantic mansion built in 1914 on a hill above the sea in 1914 was built by the millionaire tobacco magnat… Read More

Grafskaya Wharf of Sevastopol is a stately white column that has been the main sea gate of the hero city for many years… Read More

This monument is a visiting card of Sevastopol. This site collects a huge number of tourists but only a few know its interesting story… Read More

A unique panorama museum that describes the course of the Sevastopol defense and the life of ordinary people in this difficult period of time… Read More