You can enjoy a unique collection of precious stones in Russia – the Diamond Fund in Moscow Kremlin.

You will find a huge number of original exhibits from different eras in this amazing place. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of seeing the light of spotlights, emeralds, diamonds. Everyone will be impressed by the radiance of diamonds. The collection contains more than four thousand exclusive crowns and jewelry worn by representatives of secular society. Feel the wealth and greatness of Russia, Europe and Asia.

The Diamond Fund is an extraordinary exhibition that was opened in 1967 in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. This exposition is a collection of precious stones of the reign of the great rulers of Russia of the XVIII – XX centuries. The first contribution to expanding the collection was made by the founder of St. Petersburg, Peter I (1672-1725). The diamond fund was actively filled in during the reign of the Romanov dynasty. During certain periods, these attractions were known under various names: Diamond Room, Pantry No. 1 of His Imperial Majesty.

The main value of the exhibition is the Great Imperial Crown. The crown can be considered a work of art. It was made for the wedding to the kingdom of Catherine the Great (1729-1796), whose stones were transferred from the crown of her predecessor, Elizabeth Petrovna (1709-1762). The decoration was made according to sketches of Swiss jewelers – Georg Eckart and Jeremy Posier (1716-1779). The frame is made of silver and consists of 4936 diamonds and 75 huge pearls.

The next one is the outstanding jewelry of the Romanov family. For example, you can live to see the “Big Bouquet” worn by Elizaveta Petrovna at ceremonial receptions. And you can also see the diadem of Maria Fedorovna (1849-1928), made in the form of a traditional Russian headdress – kokoshnik. Not only ladies, but also gentlemen were stood out by the magnificence of jewelry. The “portrait diamond of Alexander I” is distinguished by the fact that in the middle of the accessory is presented not just a stone, but a full-length portrait of the king.

There is a special offer for connoisseurs of contemporary art – an exhibition of jewelry of the XX century. The main idea of ​​this pavilion is modern jewelers are real masters of their craft. They were able to perfectly recreate the disappeared palace decorations. The collection contains a gold nugget “One-humped camel”. The value of this exhibit consists of the long-term preservation of the nugget in its natural form. The Russian specialists of the Diamond Fund Museum were able to save the original form of the material, and now you can see the result of their painstaking work. Other luxury items presented at the exhibition are the Russian Beauty diadem (982 diamonds) and the Russian Field (1837 diamonds), including the Rose made of platinum (1466 diamonds).


Authors: Polikarpova Margarita and Zolotukhina Irina

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