Shrines & Temples


Grand Prince Vladimir was baptized in 988 here. This moment can be considered the beginning of the Baptism of Russia and the beginning of the Russian Church.… Read More

Largest cave monastery in Crimea. It is located in the picturesque Kara-Kobin valley. Chelter-Marmara means “marble lattice”. The same name was once given to a medieval village… Read More

Medieval cave monastery, located at the foot of mount Shuldan-Kaya (which means “rock that gives an echo” or “inaccessible place”), was supposedly founded in the 8th – 9th centuries… Read More

There is a legend about Greek navigators who were caught in a storm, their ship was carried on the rocks to certain death. Then they raised their hands to the sky and began to pray to their patron… Read More

According to legend, the Foundation of the monastery is associated with the name of Saint Clement — the 4th Pope of Rome in 92-101, exiled for preaching Christianity by the Emperor Trajan… Read More

The architect A. A. Avdeev was awarded the title of academician of the Imperial Academy of Art for this work. The Church was founded in 1857 and consecrated in 1870.… Read More

Located on the Central hill of the city, is absolutely different from traditional Orthodox churches. It was created in the style of the ancient Greek temple of Theseus in Athens… Read More

One of the oldest Christian churches on the territory of the Russian Federation. The necropolis of the saints is the site of the first burial of Pope Martin, as well as the site of the discovery of… Read More

A clearly preserved footprint, pressed into the stone, is located right on the rocks near the sea coast on the territory of the Chersonesos Museum-reserve and is considered to be the footprint of St. Andrew… Read More