Moscow – the capital of Russia, its heart. Regardless of Your purpose of visit to the capital, do spare 4-5 hours to experience a Moscow Sightseeing city tour with Metro, which will allow you to get an idea of ​​the largest metropolis in the Russian Federation, its cultural and historical attractions. The tour is carried out, accompanied by experienced guides, which in addition to the standard orientation program will tell you about the unique history of the main city of Russia. After all, despite the fact that Moscow was founded in the XII century, it continues to expand and improved and thus is becoming more beautiful.

During the excursion you will Travel to Moscow city center and will enjoy  its beauty, feel the contrast of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers and enjoy the beauty of the unique architecture of the capital and learn a variety of unique historical facts.

Program of the tour

Start from Your Hotel by car/bus with guide

1st Stop: Observation point Sparrow Hills (rus: Vorobyovy Gory)

If the Kremlin – the heart of the capital, the Sparrow Hills – no less than her soul. Not many places in Moscow to participate in the life of almost every citizen of it. Here come the wedding procession, here artists and writers admiring the panorama of the city, here are celebrating the release of schoolchildren, students; athletes, skiers are resting are training. We will start walking on Sparrow hills from of the Moscow State University building. Walk through the Avenue of the scientists, you reach the viewing platform, where you can enjoy the view of Moscow City skyscrapers, Luzniki Stadium and other cites attractions.

Sparrow Hills, view of Moscow City

Sparrow Hills, view of Moscow City

2st Stop: Christ the Savior Cathedral 

Christ the Savior Cathedral is the largest and main Temple in the Russia, and designed for 10 000 people. The dramatic destiny of the church presents itself not only as a monument to the fallen in 1812 war (as originally intended), but also is witness to the numerous complex twists and turns in the history of Russia of XX century. A must see point in Moscow due to its historical significance and current relevance in the social-political scenario in Russia, and of course the temple is one of the most beautiful places to see in the world.

We will visit Christ the Savior Cathedral from inside, its a functional church (the rules have to be followed)

Tourist with Lady in XIX century Russian costume, Christ the Savior Cathedral on the background

Next, your route will allow you to evaluate the unforgettable views of the Moscow Kremlin from quay

View on Moscow Kremlin

View on Moscow Kremlin

3rd Stop: Red Square

Red Square located in the historical Center and is the main square of Russia, which is its historical center and at various times used as a place where fateful events in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union took place. The architectural ensemble of the square is one of the objects protected by UNESCO since 1990. Here, in the heart of Moscow, there is an amazing architectural ensemble of Red Square, in the buildings and structures of which the political, economic and religious life of the Russian people has been concentrated for centuries.

The main attraction of the Red Square is St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is always used as a touristic symbol if Russia. You can click the memorandable photo with it, or optional you can visit it from inside. Tickets available on the spot, cost around 10 USD per person.

Red Square and St.Basil Cathedral

Paved with paving stones, 330 meters long and 70 meters wide, the square is bounded by the Historical Museum and Kazan Cathedral from the North, St. Basil’s Cathedral from the South, the Moscow Kremlin from the West, Upper (GUM Mall) and Middle Shopping malls from the East. In addition to these buildings, the architectural ensemble of the square includes: The Lenin Mausoleum with the Necropolis located behind it at the Kremlin wall, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky.


GUM mall - the oldest shopping mall in Russia

GUM mall on Red Square – the oldest shopping mall in Russia

On the Red Square you can visit GUM Mall – the oldest shopping Mall of Russia. The name of it has come from Soviet Union, known as State Department Store. The building had unique architecture and interiors, and its also famous for the best ice-cream, and not only in Russia, but in the world! Please do try one, its cost just 3 USD!

The Best Ice-Cream in Russia - in Gum Mall

The Best Ice-Cream in Russia – in Gum Mall

Then pass through the Kazan Cathedral, which is on North of the Red Square. It is functional Cathedral, so you can visit it from inside, entry is free, but please keep the rules: male have to remove a hat, and female vice-versa.

Kazan Cathedral on the Red Square

Kazan Cathedral on the Red Square

After, we will walk along Historic Alexander Garden, walk along the Manezh Square and will enjoy the view of famous Bolshoy Theater and proceed by walk to Metro Station Revolution Square.

Alexandr Garden

Alexandr Garden

4th Part:  Moscow Metro Tour

Moscow Metro plays a very important role in the life of Moscovites, and still is the main transport artery of the city. It is a monument of culture, architecture, a tour of the underground transport network will reveal secrets, a secret underground city. During the tour in the subway, you will learn about some of the previously secret information on the Moscow metro. Lots of interesting information and historical facts about the Moscow metro stations Novoslobodskaya station stained glass windows, mosaics Kiev, sculptural group at the Revolution Square station.

Revolution Square station

Revolution Square Metro station

You need to touch dog’s nose to make you wish true

You will reach your hotel by Metro, and it will not only allowed to see many beautiful stations on the way, but to save time rather then wasting it in Moscow traffic jams.

Visit the grand locations that Moscow City has to offer and its world famous Metro!
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